Mikel Hurwitz is a composer, performer and producer of music.

Most recently, Mikel scored the feature comedy Up There (2018). Prior notable scores include: the Sundance-featured Gentefied (2017), and, the multi award-winning, big-band score to Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball (2016).

Mikel currently works for composer Danny Elfman; and, performs theatrically with his Cinemastasia: original, live & improvised music for silent films.

Mikel’s Cinemastasia is a theatrical experience that combines silent films with a new live musical score. It takes the audience on a journey to the past visually and sonically to an entirely modern aesthetic by using a technology called looping.

Mikel uses acoustic instruments, electronic instruments & the laptop to form the core elements of the live musical score, yet nothing is pre-recorded. While he plays an instrument, he also records it, then plays back the recording as he picks up the next instrument and layers it atop of the existing sonic texture. The result is a score that, although pre-composed, sounds entirely spontaneous and unique.

More about Mikel…

Residing in Los Angeles, the Canadian got his start making music for documentary films while working as a Human Rights Observer during the 2006 uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico. His background in Social Justice issues and Music combine in a unique sensibility, with a distinctly non-linear approach.

Mikel’s recent credits as a composer include: Up There, a dark comedy about the fallout after a shooting in northern Michagan; Gentefied, a Latinx comedy about gentrification in Boyle Heights, CA; Dr. Baseball: Ron Taylor, the story of a world series winning pitcher who retires to become the team doctor; Behind the Dress, the story of the first transgendered contestant in the Miss Universe pageant; and, Tiradero al Cielo Abierto, a theatrical performance illuminating struggles of the Latino-American sex trade.

Since 2015, Mikel has worked as an assistant to Danny Elfman on his scores: Justice League, Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on FootThe Circle, The Girl on the Train, and Fifty Shades Darker. 

He holds multiple credits as an album producer, engineer, studio musician, band-leader, and instrumentalist, and, he currently performs with Cinemastasia, a live, solo, theatrical performance, using acoustic & electric instruments + a laptop to create original music for silent films.

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